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Lowering springs

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Hey, I was just wondering if anybody has any lowering springs from Megan racing. looking to buy some, I found them pretty cheap on

What do you guys think? I have an 2000 GT
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I've got Eibach Pro kit - lowering springs "interested"...
New user, registered in April with only one post containing a link to an online store?


Also, the spring rates on the Megan springs are crap. But they probably send you stickers when you buy them. Mad tuner rep, yo.
Never had megan springs but I'd suggest you get aftermarket shocks(kyb agx) if you plan on dropping that low. Your current stock shocks will blow out quicky.
I've got Eibach Pro kit - lowering springs "interested"...
Yeah, Shoot me a price. Thanks for the info guys.
megan is around the corner from here...
Lowering springs alone dont do you much good besides making the car look better.

Not sure how megan lowering springs are but their coilovers arent bad.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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