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ok, so my clutch is giving out

so i'm thinking

southbend tz 250
c-one flywheel, on sale i think it was 365

i'm going to install the clutch and flywheel with my brothers, we've done this b4 on the S2k, and we're doing to follow toyotas repair manual.

any extra tips? that you guys know that could save us some time? i've read 3-4 threads about bad clutch installs.

as for the lsd install, i have 2 options, tranny shop= $400+

i'll be handing them a loose tranny anyways

or just do it ourselves. from the basic research i've done, the only problem will be us having parts left over when everything is installed. and buying all the parts that are not reusable. so a comprehensive list of tools and parts would help.

-solution= take a lot of pictures, and have a very clean garage, a parts table that is sequential to how we took it apart.

i'm looking to get the mrs repair manual, since i can't a pdf version. i'm still in the process of researching since i have about 2 weeks b4 we start the project.

we still need to replace the s2k motor

so i'm asking for any help i can get.

-links to install guides
-links to mrs/ mr2 manual transaxle differential assembly w/specs & assembly instructions, clearance measurments, backlash measurments
-link to mrs repair manual
-spyderchat forums that talk about the install

and or

-shops where you had your lsd installed in LA/OC area
-estimated price, down time, and actual price

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youll need to buy additional replacement parts if your planning to install the lsd via DYI. do a search and there's a list of parts that needs to be replaced.
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