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I recently swapped in the 6MT from a Corolla Runx ZZE123 (JDM) into my 2001 Celica GTS as the old gearbox went out of order. Gearbox code C60. After installing, I found the gearbox was making loud clicking and banging noises (like the noise a worn out CV joint makes) whenever I take turns, and when i press the accelerator in turns the inside wheel seems to skid and tend to turn at the same speed as the outside wheel.

I asked some mechanics abt the issue....some said it was a problem with the LSD, and some said it was a full lock race differential. No one could offer me a solution on what was wrong. So i decided to open it up. Attached pic shows the LSD. Can anyone tell me what Type of LSD it is, and what could be the problem?

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