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Lumeneo Shows Off Neoma EV Concept Ahead of Paris Show
Lumeneo or their Smera city car that debuted in production form at the Geneva show earlier this year. They're working to change that, though, with a new, larger concept debuting in Paris.

The Smera, as you may or may not know, is a tandem two-seater that leans into curves much like Nissan's Land Glider concept. Like the Nissan, the Smera is battery powered with a range of about 90 miles. Power comes from a 10 kWh battery pack and drives a 42-horsepower/30 kW electric motor that can propel the vehicle to a top speed of about 80 mph, hitting 60 mph in eight seconds flat. It's scheduled to go on-sale in Paris later this year before expanding into other major European cities where its tiny footprint will be most advantageous. Pricing will reportedly begin around 29,500 euro before any government incentives.

The Neoma concept appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a widened Smera. Making the vehicle half again as large has opened up space for four passengers while keeping the Smera's short 98-inch length and 59-inch height. Even at 63 inches wide, the Neoma is by no means a large car, but by locating the battery under the front seats, Lumeneo says there's plenty of space inside for four passengers, provided they don't bring any cargo with them. Being that the Neoma appears to be a double-wide Smera, we expect the technical specifications will be similar as well, but the company hasn't confirmed them yet. Pricing is also unknown at this point.
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