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I mean there is the extremely rare, cool looking, and exclusive factor. But you know me. I pay to play.

I hope Ghost Dragon can mold me a new set of covers. I plan on modifying the current projectors with something better. But in time. I have alot of other things to worry about. School is getting busy and I have alot of shit to do designing our schools new FSAE car as well as trying to get last years to run as well.

I am gonna keep them on for the last GRIDLIFE event next week to show them off and then the last rallycross event the following week. After that they are coming off.

I can honestly say from first and experience that the light output is complete shit. When you have the high beams on its like having OEM housings with HID's.

Now for some fog lights!!!!!
Best of luck with them

Hahaha joey, them lights are so sexy sad they where gone before I got there, nice to see Irish on here though
Haha to be fair I had interest in them for about 3 weeks then a deposit was paid so that was it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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