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Mahle Pistons for stock bore liner on 2zz (MWR)

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Finally Pistons for the stock bore liner on the 2zz:

I want a set :evil:
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Friggin awsome
ZaneMan said:
For the extra 200 monkey wrench is installing them right? cuase thats an outragious mark up
I would totally spend the money for those pistons. The extra $200 costs way less than re-sleeving. Mahle is an awsome piston manufacturer.
The key is that Mahle iston is using an iron impregnanted coating - the other coatings are comonly just going to be a resin or dry film lubricant. The iron coating is what was designed by the factory to be used with the 2ZZ bores - it is going to work best and last longest
Yeah but thats not the OE friction coating, thats just a dry film & graphite lubricant.
boardernr said:
so nothing needs to be done to the block before popping these in? no honing (sp?) or anything like that, right? how long would the break in process be for these?
correct - break in is just the standard 500 miles to seat the new rings.
monkeywrench said:
The special coating on our pistons is NOT cheap...
Hey Matt - this doesn't require that the bore be resized or rehoned does it?
Black_TRD said:
Boosted2.0 said:
Hey Matt - this doesn't require that the bore be resized or rehoned does it?
also been reading that post on elisetalk, but as I understand it (and assume you too) the 2zz can't be bored oversize thought that would include honing as that would mean to scratch the liner.
Yup - that wa smy thought - theres 0 variation in 2ZZ bore size from the factory which is why theres only one size for the stock replacement pistons - I would hope the new pistons would fit assuming there is no more damage. If they don't that would kind of ruin the experience for me.
monkeywrench said:
Boosted2.0 said:
Hey Matt - this doesn't require that the bore be resized or rehoned does it?
The clearance on the block we built for our shop car was perfect. No honing should be required.
Oh - I thought you guys were running the wisecos in your shop car?
240MAX said:
I like to install a S/C in the car but I love N/A power....if I install the MAHLE piston 12.3:1 and I put a month later the S/C ... if I compare to the oem piston with the mahle psiton....will I have a big difference beteween 11.5:1 S/C and 12.3:1 S/C?? can I lose some big power with the mahle piston and S/C.....sorry for my english. tank for all info guy s
If you're going to supercharge a 12.3:1 motor you better plan on running race gas or straight alcohol 24/7.
nikos said:
So these Mahle pistons are plug n play? regarding that my engine has 23000km should I have a problem.
nah 23000 KM is nothing - its barely just broke in - you should be fine
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