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Mahle Pistons for stock bore liner on 2zz (MWR)

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Finally Pistons for the stock bore liner on the 2zz:

I want a set :evil:
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The special coating on our pistons is NOT cheap...
Boosted2.0 said:
Hey Matt - this doesn't require that the bore be resized or rehoned does it?
The clearance on the block we built for our shop car was perfect. No honing should be required.
Boosted2.0 said:
Oh - I thought you guys were running the wisecos in your shop car?
Nope. Was stock, now is Mahle.
malice said:
What other internals did you folks drop in with the mahle pistons?
It's "mild"

More info after we dyno it.
Bowlerer said:
how much would it cost to get a set in 10:1? i think the 2.5 drop is too much for the 2zz (im not planning to go past 260whp either)
Stick with stock pistons for 260whp.

Custom compression ratios won't be available, just 9.0 and 12.3. Mahle only does large production runs. You can increase the 9.0 a bit by shaving the head or block.
240MAX said:
I like to install a S/C in the car but I love N/A power....if I install the MAHLE piston 12.3:1 and I put a month later the S/C ... if I compare to the oem piston with the mahle psiton....will I have a big difference beteween 11.5:1 S/C and 12.3:1 S/C?? can I lose some big power with the mahle piston and S/C.....sorry for my english. tank for all info guy s
You won't lose power but I would think detonation would be an issue without race gas.
elcelicagts said:
hey matt,
i remmember you telling me of a nice stroker kit i think 10:1 or something that would be nice with a charger.

would these Mahle Pistons for stock bore liner on 2zz Available in 9.0:1 compression for those with turbochargers, superchargers, or nitrous and be a nice alternative to get instead of the stroker ?

i would just buy these pistons, and swap them out with the oem one's right?
For a blower making under 250whp I'd recommend stock pistons.

The 9:1 will definitely work well with turbos and intercooled superchargers running high boost.
jlitman said:
Also, there's a new thread where everyone is saying you SHOULD get sleeves even for the Mahles, contrary to what was said here. :shrugs:
Before this becomes "internet truth" please understand exactly what's being said about the pistons. Some 2zz blocks have larger bore than others and all of the Mahle pistons are about the same size. Result is that in my experience 25% of blocks are too loose. That means 75% of the time the pistons drop in just fine. If the pistons were bigger then they'd be too tight in some blocks which is worse, believe me.

I posted in that other thread, hopefully this makes the issue more clear.

edit: and yes, we're running Mahle's in a stock 2zz block in the red Celica with no issues.
jlitman said:
That makes perfect sense -- thanks for explaining it, Matt!
No prob. I'll keep everyone updated on the red one too- so far no side effects besides the slight clatter you get with any forged pistons in any engine.
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