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Originally posted by Wired Ricky
We have one of the deepest discounts on the Koni Yellow Line. That ebay price is a very good deal however. They must have them on clearance.

Sorry for any confusion.

We do have 1 set in stock.

I wont be able to match that ebay price which i find very strange. Ill do some homework.

Thats about the normal price on Koni Yellows.......Never seen them below 500 dollars.
Originally posted by Manny_TXtreme
KYB AGX shocks. What would be the price if ordered with the Tein S-Techs? Thanks.

I think this guy was asking about the KYB AGX's and not Koni's so the 380 shipped sounds about right.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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