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McLaren Combines Forces with SPC to Create Venge Aero Road Bike
Called the Venge, the race bicycle has an ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber frame made by McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT). Its engineers optimized the way the carbon was cut and applied, and improved efficiency by 10-15 percent by choosing the most suitable plies. As a result, the frame weighs less than 950 grams (2.09 lbs).

According to McLaren, this improvement is “more than anything previously seen in the cycling world,” with the Venge being “the fastest complete-performance bike in the world.”

“The S-Specialized + McLaren Venge project is unique. We paid no attention to the typical limiting factors and focused solely on producing the most advanced bike possible – Formula 1-style!” said Brad Paquin, composite design engineer for Specialized Bicycle Components.

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