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Me and the police in Newark

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Sorry it's so long.

I've never had any real problems with cops before but this was a first for me. I work at Starbucks and tonight I picked up a shift in Newark at the store between Stevenson and Balentine. I've never driven or been to Newark before so I drove kinda slow to make sure I don't miss the store. After parking in the parking lot, the minute I shut off the engine a police officer is standing right in front of my door. Apparently he just came out of Starbucks right as I parked. Confident that I didn't do anything wrong, when I opened the door I asked him "how are you" and "is there a problem?"

He mentioned that I had a nice car but that my car is "heavily modified" and I should really put it back to stock or classify it as PNO (correct me if I'm wrong) and keep my modified car only on the track. So what made him think it's "heavily modified"? muffler was too loud and it didn't look stock.... :confused: First off for those of you that have never seen my car, its a 01 GTS Silver, stock TRD kit, stock GTS rims, 100% stock engine, lowered about 1/2 inch all around, and a stock exhaust piping (still have cat and resonator) except for the magnaflow muffler. So he went on about how he can tow my car for illegal modifications right now if he felt like it. In which I'd have to pay for all the tickets and fines but he'll be nice and not. He also said if there were other "heavily modified" cars that looked like mine parked next to me then he would block off the whole parking lot and tow and ticket every car like mine :wtf: I really didn't feel like fighting with him so I waited till he was done with his power trip, he then checked my license to make sure I wasn't in trouble or anything. Then he finally left and I got to work 10 minutes late :marky:

This was my very first time in Newark and the only time I've been talked to by the cops like that. I've driven around sunnyvale, mountain view and los altos, where crime hardly ever happens, for 3 years with my celica and not once has a cop talked to me like that. I've even lived in East San Jose for 1 and a 1/2 years and I've never been talked to like that. So is this just how Newark police are? Or was I just unlucky?
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I know nothing about the area, but some cops can just be...well, not so nice. They always assume everyone with a "modified" car is about to race at every stop light. At least he didn't do anything, either way you would've won any case he would have tried but still the hassel of it all. I've been pulled over I believe two or three times telling me I have a loud exhaust. They never gave me a ticket and afterwards they would usually just tell me they just wanted to check me and make sure I wasn't DUI.
I never had any problems with Newark COPS.
I did have a situation where a Newark officer follow me around, but he didn't do sh*t. So all I can say were unlucky.
I've met so many officers cause of the way my CELICA looks and MOST of them are cool.
But sadly, you'll run into an as$hole officer that makes the good COPS look bad. :marky:
I haven't had a run in like that with a Newark cop. You were pretty close to the Fire Station, just down Cherry St. Its a prime location for stop light drag racing even during the day.
The reason he was being "nice " and not towing your car is because he didn't know what he was talking about.
would it be legal to drive my car lit up with xmas lights? ;) perhaps even a wreath on the trunk cover
^ Do it and let us know how it goes...
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