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Meals on Wheels-Speedelement

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Is anyone going to the Speedelement meals on wheels meet this Sunday, the 15th? Its right next to the Ranch 99 marketplace in Milpitas.
It would be nice to not be the only CELICA there!! (well there was one other that had a full Action Package, rims, and a REALLY cool Ryu-Hadouken sticker on it, but he was only there for like 2
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I don't live very far away from that area... Might check it out but we'll see... Been out of the car scene for awhile. Haven't washed my car in months lol
Sounds like fun and I'm down to go. :eatpop:
awesome! they had one last month and it was pretty good, so i'm hoping this one will be just as good! I have a church commitment in the morning, but i'm gonna try and get there around 1 or so!/events/376211252419577/
I've been to every one of these lol. I eat at Pepper Lunch like every Sunday so I always stop by. I'll probably be there this weekend :wiggle:
I'll try to make it as well, haven't seen any voom voom lately.
I was there around 1ish.
I spotted 3 CELICA's, but only was able to meet 1 of the owners (the_stig_024 a.k.a Justin). :(
Anyways, it was nice hanging out with YAKUZA (Jeff) and Demonshin (Val). :thumbup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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