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* MimoUSA Bolt-On Vertical Doors

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Toyota Celica 00-up
$699 Free shipping to US (Hawaii, Alasa, Virgin Island extra)

Paypal : [email protected]
Money order : Please PM me

- Direct Bolt On
- No cutting (most inner fenders need to be rolled)
- No welding
- No drilling
- No painting nor Re-painting
- No leaking (doors close and seal like factory)
- Complete reversible installation
- Made and manufactured in the USA

Sample instruction here

Video Clip

Video clip of how it works...

The bolt on shocks are rated at 650lbs. That is enough strength to lift up any regular car or truck door

Available for these cars also...
Acura Integra 94-01
Acura RSX 02-04
Acura Vigor 93-95
Chevrolet Cavalier 95-04
Dodge Avenger 95-99
Dodge Neon 00-04 ($50 extra)
Ford Escort zx2 97-02 ($50 extra)
Ford Expedition 97-03 ($50 extra)
Ford F-150 97-03 ($50 extra)
Ford Mustang 94-98 ($50 extra)
Honda Accord 98-02
Honda Accord 4 door 94-97
Honda Civic 01-04
Honda Del Sol 93-96
Honda Prelude 92-96
Honda Prelude 97-02
Lincoln Navigator 97-03 ($50 extra)
Mitsubishi Eclipse 95-99
Nissan 350z 03-up ($50 extra)
Pontiac Sunfire 95-04
Scion tC 05-up ($50 extra)

7 Business days to ship out & receive tracking numbers
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LightningRod said:
The PDF says that most cars will need to have their fenders rolled ...

BTW, never heard of the company.
Any or MOST Vertical Door kit requires fenders rolled
They are big wholesale company
Lorenzor said:
I am interested in these but i am concerned on the quality. I heard that the best lambo doors for the celica are the LSD lambo doors which retail for over $2000. And the VDI doors retail for like 1700ish. Do you back these at all? What if they go bad quickly?
MimoUSA will back the quality.... they use good shock also.....
Price lowered to $699 shipped... :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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