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To check the voltage going to your injectors you have to measure the voltage from 4 wires in your ECM to ground with the IGN ON. Your ECM is located under your hood - the little box what says "do not open" lol its by your intake. The terminal numbers are #40 #30 #20 #10 - they will be in the far left harness, the last 4 wires to the right on the top row. Take the positive lead from the meter to each wire while the black lead is on a good ground, and you should have 9-14V on each terminal. You can also OHM (resistance) test each INJ. I have this same problem in my car, and i still haven't resolved it. Here is a list of problem areas you can check.

Battery, Vacuum hoses, Open or short in engine wire, Spark Plugs, Ignition system, Injector, Fuel pressure, MAP sensor, ECT sensor, MAF sensor, Compression, valve clearance, valve timing, VVTL system, and ECM.

I find it a little weird that you have gas on your plugs - was it on all of them of just one or two? That may be a problem with your IGN system and/or plugs. Check the gaps on the plugs, or just replace them as they are not that expensive. besides that i would say swap IGN coils around and see if your P300 changes, but it sounds like your have already tried that.... The only other option is a stuck open injector. I sent mine off and had new screens put in them and cleaned - maybe you might want to look linto that. A dirty and stuck injector will give proper voltage readings, and will OHM out properly.

This P300 is a B!TC*!! I wish you luck my friend
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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