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Molly Designs rear valence

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Brand new, never been installed. Painted spectra blue, plus its urethane. Looking for $250 or best offer, plus shipipng.

Here is a pic installed on a different car.

That black piece is not painted from Molly, but here's what it looks like if it is painted. Sorry about the huge image.

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is this a complete rear bumper, or just bottom half?
It's a 3 piece lip. So it's just the bottom half. ;)
hey got a question... where did you buy the sides from? my friend wants to know.. where to buy molly sides
I bought the whole kit. There's a good reason I'm selling off the rear valence (I just sold the front) ;) The whole thing is discontinued.
you can't buy it anywhere anymore?? thats bootleg
Molly sold off all their remaining kits to some guy in SoCal. I bought one of those. There are probably like 4 kits left unsold.
There are about 10... I can get a hold of them. Let me know :) Good luck with your sale Jesse... can't wait to see what your car looks like with the sides on. I am also installin the molly sides and rear this weekend. :gap:

any connections to the UN-painted ones, i'm interested....
All the authentic kits come prepainted.
I'm interested in one of those kits...what kind of wing is that in the first pic?
Nice...kind of new to kits, etc. How much would a Molly wing cost? And the kit? Thanks.
any black valences floating around?

evil eye said:
All the authentic kits come prepainted.
Originally posted by ucmd03
any black valences floating around?
How about the one I'm selling in this thread :wtf:
Jesse IL said:
How about the one I'm selling in this thread :wtf:
Ucmd you should buy Jesse's and just paint the sides because honestly, that would be the cheapest way and also paintin those small sides wouldn't cost more than $100 depending on where you go. The middle of the 3piece rear valence comes plastic black anyways.

Oh crap, I thought he said BACK valences the first time. That's why I was so confused :chuckles:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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