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Monthly WingStop Meets?

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I think it would be a great idea to have a set monthly eat meet so how about meeting every first friday of the month at the Wing Stop at Circuit City In Union City (well technicaly Hayward) starting next Friday Jan 2nd. Peter Joey and I will be there for those great wings. And I"ll post a reminder every month. Thanks....oh almost forgot meeting time 5:00 or 6:00 pm Thanks again
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^that's a damn good idea. I haven't had Sonics in a long ass time. Give me a week. I will make a new thread for this meet.
yes! i can only make a few tho. i usually work fridays and saturdays...
The only In & Out's secret menu I know is Animal Style Burger, Animal Style fries, and something called the frying dutchman.

Didn't McDonald have a secret menu too? Something called the Mc Gangbang?
There's also protein burger and the 20/20. I had a friend who used to work at IN N OUT.
There's also protein burger and the 20/20. I had a friend who used to work at IN N OUT.
I feel less guilty when i eat the protein burger.
sooo....what happened to the monthly wingstop meets?? haha
no one wanted to pick up on taking care of them once i left for college -____________-
I'm not driving 500miles to a wingstop meet in NorCal...UNLESS it ends up like the first one Ant hosted. LEGIT!
hahaha damn hella throw back tho! fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

oh the memories
hey guys, so there is a monthly meet or??? I just moved back to bay area i was in san diego before would love to meet some celica driver up here, I live in fremont btw

^Sup man. Got pics of your ride? I stroll through Fremont on the way home from work. I'm sure we can arrange a meet here and there.

I'm hosting a Noob initation meet/Santa Cruz Meet sometime in June. Be on the look out. I'll make a thread on here as soon as I set up a confirmed date.

its not the best picture i have but that should pretty much show how my car looks like.
I will take more picture once i got time. i hurt my hand on the last project, can't drive now ;p
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^haha ok. I'll be on the look out for a black (I think) Celica when I'm in the Fremont area then.
hey bro, I got a question it has been bothering me for quite awhile.
I got a after market HU a sony one. after i installed it i couldn't have the same heavy bass i had when i was using the factor radio. is that something happened to everyone or just me maybe the installation was wrong,

oh and the guy at circutcity (i know its been awhile) said if i got a aftermarket HU it will not work with the factory amp i will have to get a aftermarket amp in order for it to have the rich deep bass sound. what do you reckon?


If you have an aftermarket HU, you can get a 4 channel amp to power all 4 speakers inside the car. Do keep in mind that the factory speaker can only take so much power. So don't power them up too much or it will blow.

If you have the money get some aftermarket speakers too so that your amp can give your speakers some more juice.

You'd want to seperate the khz going through the speakers of your car. Ideally your fronts should be where all the highs go, the rear speakers your mids, and all your lows should go towards a sub once you have one.

Maybe I'm confusing you right now... but yeah man. Just look for a 4 channel amp. Then find yourself an aftermarket speaker.

What's your budget?
the ideal way for me to do it is to just use the factory amp because its small and i dont have to find another place to mount the aftermarket one. so i am not sure if i will get one yet.
but I really miss the strong bass i used to have with my old factory radio.

so for what you say is my after HU won't work just like my factory radio did with the factory amp no matter how you wire them right?
just get a ten and put it in the back and call it a day lol.
we have a weekely wingstop meet on wed night in tracy. and Ant has one in stockton on the same day theres is at sonics i believe off eight mile road.
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