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Motegi MR-7's (gunmetal, 17's) F/S!!

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sup everyone, i haven't posted a message here in so long. anyway, i've got 4 17" Motegi MR-7 gunmetal rims w/toyo proxes 215/40 z-rated tires for sale...had 'em for a couple of years but took pretty good care of them. tires probably have about 2K miles on em. lugnuts and center caps included w/purchase of course...all for $800 + shipping, obo. If anyone's interested, i can send pics to your email to show the condition of each rim and tire. right now they're sitting in my shed and have been for quite some time. If i get a chance to take some pics, i will post them here. If you're curious to see what they might look like on your celica, there's a pic of my car in the members photo gallery under gts0116 of course! I had a super white gt-s, lowered w/ground control coilovers and recently traded-in my car for an '05 Acura TL. So if interested, please email me at [email protected]
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I can't find your pic in the gallery. Can you just post it here? Also some pics of the wheels themselves now would be nice.

Also: For sale here brand new for less than you are selling.
these for the celica only?
ok, is that priced with or without tires? again, my wheels have been off of my car for over a year now, ALL tires have about 85-90% tread left, rims themselves may have a couple of chips but that's through years of useage and driving (all of which are normal), overall great condition considering. forgive me for not knowing how to post pix but i do have them readily available to view if someone can inform me on how to post. otherwise if u have an email handy that i can send to, i'd be more than happy to show u. no these aren't only for the celica, i just don't know what other car's lug pattern matches the celica's, but again, if someone knows this information, enlighten me on this as well.
any other questions i will be glad to answer.
not sure of the weight sorry, i could probably get that info when i go back to the house to take some pix
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