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Motor Mounts

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I've heard that motor mounts will significantly reduce will hop, I want to get some. What kinds are there out there? 2zz-ge
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gumbyguy27 said:
timm3r said:
its wheel hop, not will hop, not wheel hope, wheel hop. and yes it will reduce wheel hop and yes the rear one is a b!tch to install.
Damn...who shoved a pine cone up his ass?
Obviously the guy made a mistake. I hate people who try to make others feel like idiots. Get on with your own ****ing life. You are not a professor.
Actually he is - hes the dean of Anthropological studies at Xavier....

Just f*cking with ya :D but seriously - you never know what someone does for a living - the longer I'm on here the more surprised I am by some of the professions.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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