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Motorcycle owners

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How many Hawaii members (who still live here) own a motorcycle?
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I sold my 250 ninja to get my celi. But I still have my wifes vulcan 500 so I still get to ride once in a while.
The Vulcan is a 2005. It's liquid cooled. It has a chain. It uses old technology so I don't think it has valve timing. But as far as the 250 goes, I kinda miss it. It was a fun bike and had a top speed of about 110 (down hill). If you get a moped and not have insurance it has to be LESS than 50cc. If not it's considered an motorscooter and you need insurance. Best way around that is to buy a kinda big moped and have it stroked or do an engine swap. My friend has a engine swap in his moped, going from 49cc to 80cc. The bike does about 70mph. Insurance is not that bad if you don't get a big bike. I pay about $40 a month for the vulcan. If you have any more question JLMK.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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