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Moving to NorCal soon..

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Hey, I'm moving to San Jose/San Francisco area in a few weeks.. any advice/tips on the area.. where to hang out, where theres stuff to do... what areas are nice to live in. Basically, any information would be greatly appreciated. I'll be living at a relatives house till I find a place of my own.

Thanks in advance.
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Will you have your car when you get here? Here is a good tip :gap: ... Check this section out for events and or meets... Most of the people on the board are friendly and the rest are quite :D ... Oh yeah... Welcome to the Board...
ahh.. first off.. welcome to the boards.. and i would also like you to know about .. where other of us hang out at..

i'm pretty sure u know about the living costs here in the bay.. but once u get past that.. its a great place.. if ur gonna be around san jose area.. ill let u know watsup.. let us know how everything goes..
Thanks for all the information guys.

I am aware of the cost of living and the prices of the bay area; the only thing I'll have to get used to are the gas prices. Current here for grade 87 is about 1.80$. I hear out there its 2.30$? I live in Fairfax County, VA right now... which I've heard is the 2nd or 3rd richest county in the nation; following only the silicon valley area. That being said I'm pretty prepared for what I'm getting into. The rent appears the same; gradually getting higher the closer you get to SF.

I wish I'd have my car. I'm selling it, actually the buyer is picking it up tonight. It wouldn't pass california emissions (I have the 2nd cat removed), and I've heard with the Greddy PE exhaust it's not likely to exactly pass with flying colors.

I have (had :( ) a 91 mr2 turbo. Black on black leather, fully loaded with about 10k in mods.

Engine Shortblock.
ARP head studs, main studs, flywheel bolts.
Block machined + new freeze plugs
Complete assembly balanced.
Complete gasket set with all needed seals.
Crank and rods race prepped.
HKS 1.0mm metal head gasket.
Intake manifold and spacer matched.
JE forged pistons @ 8.2:1 .040 overbore.
Matched rod and main bearings.
Stainless steel intake valves.
Stainless steel exaust valves.
Street ported head.
Total Seal rings.
TVIS removed.

Engine Cylinder Head
3 angle racing valve job.
All new performance valve springs.
Hand lap and back-cut on all valves.
Head assembled with new valve stem seals.
Head cold tanked.
Head bead blasted and tested for cracks.
Intake, head, and spacer match ported.
Street ported and polished.
TVIS removed and shaft holes plugged.
Valve guides inspected and replaced.
Valve adjustment set using the needed shims.

Engine bolt-on.
APEXi power intake.
Greddy power extreme exhaust system.
NGK BKR7E sparkplugs.
TurboXS type H blow off valve.

Clutch Masters stage 3 clutch.
Fidanza 9lb aluminum flywheel.
Hux Racing short shifter.

Blitz Sequential Boost Controller ID (SBC-ID)
Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer DCII (FATT DCII)

Exterior Cosmetic.
1994+ jspec factory tailight assembly.
European spec front amber corners.
Hella H4 headlight conversion.
Philips Visionplus H4 bulbs.

Interior Cosmetic.
Ken Farrel custom black shift boot.
NR Auto white face gauges.
TRD black leather sport shift knob.

Im really going to miss that car. :( Anyway, I'll have to keep in touch; thanks for the welcome.. and all the offers to help me out when I get there. It's greatly appreciated.

- Kristin
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For a grade 87 gas here in Fremont, the price will be $1.99

Welcome again to Nor Cal :applaud:

damn.. by ur mod list ur car was sweet.. although the pics arent showing up.. but i'd like to see them.. there is an attach image feature wen u post reply.. u could use that.

but anyways.. im sorry u had to part with ur car.. as for gas prices.. they are finally. or seem to be declining again.. thank goodness.. couple of weeks ago.. 87 was ike $2.00+ even more in SF.. and thers no 92 (only 91) octane here.. at least hard to find.. really hard.. 408 area is the place to be.. its in the middle of everywhere.. though the area itself has enough of everything u could ever need.. im being biased.. since i live in the 408.. but thers a reason everybody is here.. cause its the bomb :) sf is nice.. but its too crowded.. and colder.. 510 is aite.. but they still go to 408.. everywhere else is koo. but they still go to 408.. :)
There are also people at
Here are two fun places to go. :chuckles:
hi!! welcome to the boards :wave:

That's a nice mr2. I wanted a Black/Black but I ended up with a Red/Tan (which is now red/black). It sucks that you have to let it go though. I don't know what I'd do if i was forced to sell my mr2.

btw, I have the Greddy PE exhaust, I have no problems passing smog.. well except visual :(
nice car dude..
Welcome to the boards, yer ride is reallly nice!!! Just keep checking here to see whats new and what events are going on. Just ask Eugene if you have any questions, he an OG.
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