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Prices are as followed... I got in a n accident with someone and all i did was scrape my bumper but i need to replace their door and some others... so i need to sell these parts this week and these prices are negotiable..

Brand new not used : TRD JAPAN FLYWHEEL- 400.00

AEM Pulley-45.00 (brand new not used)

Brembo Cross drilled front rotors (two weeks used) 300.00

Injen CAI (battle scars and some skratches but new cone and all hardware) 50.00 bucks

Pls if u want any of these email me or pm me

Email: obsenelogic[email protected] HURRY! im really in a jam here.

If u want it all i can do it all for 725.00 shipped if u buy it all at once.
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