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decided to finally make a readers ride. This is my second car and i know i wanted a manual car, and I ended up with a 2003 celica gt with 60,000 mi. in 2007.

by the summer of 2007 i made the mistake of letting my friend drive my car. He miss shifted going from 3rd to 2nd instead of 3rd to 4th:marky:. That ended up costing about $5000 at the dealership for a 1zz replacement.:AF: Never will do that again. That engine didnt last long, 5 months later i threw a rod going down a back road.

the oil trail i left from the 1zz in 2008

alright by this point ive done my research and went on a trip up to monkey wrench

so on my way to commerce township, michigan i go
i was able to get:
1.2zz engine
2.2zz ecu
5.act clutch hdss
6.aem cold air intake

for only a couple hundred more than i paid the toyota dealership just to replace a 1zz-fe engine!

Shortly after that i went to korea for 2 years so i had to take a break on the car.

As soon as i got back state side i already had my new rims, tires and hood waiting to be installed

1.enkei 18" Lusso rims
2.Yokohama Spec 2 ultra high performance tires
3.VIS OEM carbon fiber hood
4. S2000 atenna
5. Tanabe strut bar

Then i went down to a junk yard in cincinnati and picked up a rear end off a celica gts and did a drum to disc converstion

Soon after this i took another trip up to Monkey Wrench to get alot of parts put on:
1. Exhaust:
a. PPE header
b. PPE midpipe
c. Greddy Ti-C exhaust

2. Brakes:
a. Goodridge SS brake lines
b. Power slot rotors front and back
c. EBC yellow stuff brake pads all around

3. Cooling:
a. MWR Moroso oil pan
b. Koyo aluminum radiator
c. TRD 160F Thermostat
d. Circuitworx Oil pump gear set

And to top it off got a Apexi PowerFC with a Tune from MWR and this is as it sits today

new AEM tube.

Also my Beatrush underpanel came in:thumbup:.

video: 0-140 MPH

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:thumbup:-Nice job in transforming your CELICA GT into a GT-S!
Anyways, good luck with your future plans and goals for your CELICA!
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