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Redline said:

Compared to what? It isn't a "drag" car. It's a FWD, 1.8l N/A 4banger. Weighs 2500lbs. The car handles like a dream for a car that costs about 22k.

You can say that the 15+ second mr2 spyder and mazda miata aren't impressive by 1/4 mile numbers too, but i'd take either one of those over a mustang in a heartbeat. There's more to driving than 1/4 mile numbers.

Compared to everything (need I remind you it lost to a TAHOE). Look around. The 350z, Evo 8, WRX (especially STI), Mustangs and almost all domestic "sports cars" (ignore if you must), STR4, S2K, used supra, used 350zx, etc. All are faster than a Celica and fairly similarly priced (considering that the sticker price for the average GT-S is about 25K).

Don't worry people. I'm not bashing celicas in any way. I love the look, they do handle awesomely, and drag isn't as important as handling/curves (for me at least, I like curves). I would probably never buy a mustang myself either (not that I don't have respect for them) because the styling just isn't me. I've read almost everything I can find about celicas over the past 2+ years. But I've driven one, and it needs some "umph" desperately. Just driving, it feels a little gutless. That is definately fixable w/ a turbo (NOS is good too, but full-time power is better), but then is the expense really worth it to make the car marginally fast? I dunno... I've never ridden in a boosted celi... So at least recognize that I'm not flaming the car. I've been on here long enough and you guys should know I love the thing. :D I just might be reconsidering buying one because there are faster things out there with equivalent handling for a similar price. Just trying to get more for my money. Maybe a Supra or a WRX unless I can find a 6spd for really cheap and boost it right away.

BTW: Don't underestimate Colby's Bullitt either, it handles amazingly (best handling stang ever built). It's all about the suspension, not just weight. Weight is a whole lot less important when you have enough power to move it.

Bottom line, It looks fast.... and isn't really w/o modification. Beautiful car, but needs some balls.

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