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my celly

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some feedback???
02 Celica GT (show)
Genuine Veilside Kit
Henshin Overfenders
Buddy Club 2 NSX Vents
Buddy Club 2 X-1 Fenders
Everything Molded
House of Kolor Kandy Gold Paint
Black Top (NEW)
BRIDE Brix II Seats wrapped in Suede
Removed Backseats
Fiberglass trunk Setup
Audiobahn Amp ( component speakers)
MMatts Amp (Subs)
3 Audiobahn 600W High Compression 15" Subs
2 Audiobahn 7" Monitors (trunk)
7" Audiobahn Component Speakers
5.6" Audiobahn Component Speakers
Audiobahn Tweeters
Red Dyed Interior
Painted engine Pieces
TEIN Suspension
19" Axis Seven Mods w/ MAXX Lip
NOS Nitrous Kit
Magnaflow Exhaust( installed today replacing OBX muffler)

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Originally posted by jinsokucelly
yeah thats a bitch, the rest of the car is fine...the black top was done the night before and i got f*'d over on it, they are repainting the top for free

Cool man. Hope to see you at Tuner Bash. I'll be there in my celica.
Originally posted by Crizzz
definitely a show car...nice seats...
They're fake.
they are?
^ Were those BRides custom re-wrapped with suede? I think that's what shrumdude was referring to, if you bought them like that then they're definately fake. There's a lot of Bride Brix II fakes that come in suede. We all know, authentic Bride seats dont come like that. So I guess thats what he's tlakin about

Other then that, pretty siik Celica, but definately need the wider rims. :)
nice but why didnt u shave the rear antenna and wiper while you were at it?
Nice show car. Definitly like the two tone paint, but not a fan of the red dashboard.
ah the seats were black when i got them, wrapped after the car was painted gold

they are getting wrapped again, all the red is going bye bye

about clue why i didnt do the antenna, i have a s2k one now... and i kept the wiper b/c its a daily driver as well
i'll be there,(tuner bash) hopefully wiht the car, the interior might not be done, adding tv's and guages into the dash....

if the car isnt i'll be driving my family's mr2 and ill be with my friend scott and his widebody eclipse ;)
jinsokucelly said:
ah the seats were black when i got them, wrapped after the car was painted gold

they are getting wrapped again, all the red is going bye bye
Good call. :)

jinsokucelly said:

its a daily driver as well
Wow, you're crazy man. I would never drive that thing around on a daily basis. All it takes is one punk kid to key it, or break in with a crowbar.
so those rims fit without spacers regularily?
Not a fan of all out show cars, but i love your paint!
yeah the 19's fit just fine, the car used to be blue with those wheels for a bout 3 weeks and they had no problems even after i lowered it, they dont even rub...i have the tein springs....not sure if they would rub wiht a bigger drop....
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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