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My Last Mod. (56k Nu-Uh!)

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Haha thanks guys.. I sold the GTS to a nice guy from Jersey for his 16 year old daughter. She is so psyched and I'm happy for her. The G35 is so amazing. I love the thing to death. Its so much fun to turn off the VDC and fishtail. Its my first RWD car so I'm having a blast. I never knew what torque was until I drove this car...
Burrcold said:
Good choice! ;) Just wait till the mod bug hits you with this car (never thought it would have with me, but it eventually did...hard).
SLVR Stealth said:
G35 my favorite especially the extra seats! Love the color do you plan to modify the car? I'd get wheels lip kit and a nice turbo or supercharger. That was my next choice in a car if we only didn't re-do the Celica. But the G35 and 350z sound sexy from factory it's something about the exhaust. Totally different from a Celica. Great trade!
Thanks guys... well yup, it already bit me... in the mail is the Z tube with pop charger, tein h-techs (i learned my lesson with dropping a car too low with the celica), and jdm sidemarkers... After that I want to add tint and maybe add an aftermarket grille... oooh and deep dish wheels, although I love the stock 19's...
Thanks! What kind of drop do you have?
natewan31 said:
very nice/classy upgrade 6spd i assume?
Yep its a 6MT

Thanks for the compliments everyone...
It was a brand new leftover from 2006. I'm absolutely loving it! Still has the new car smell in it and its a month old. Hope it stays for a while haha
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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