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My Last Mod. (56k Nu-Uh!)

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great last mod! lol. too bad you sold your celi! =( but great car. looks good. [=
natewan31 said:
very nice/classy upgrade 6spd i assume?
Yep its a 6MT

Thanks for the compliments everyone...
nice mod. im thinkin of doing the same replacement..haha

what yr is ur G?
It was a brand new leftover from 2006. I'm absolutely loving it! Still has the new car smell in it and its a month old. Hope it stays for a while haha
Yikes Strips :)
wats a redline on a g35 i looked at the tachometer but wasnt sure.
2007 model ups the redline to 7600RPM, though past models had 7000RPM.
Congrats on the new ride.
EVERYONE HES A LIAR!!! my keen eyes say thats not even a celica at all!!

jk nice, im thinkin of doing the same later on
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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