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Well, damn, I get a call from the Toyota dealership today and guess what showed up; the 2003 GT-S 6 speed I ordered 5 and a half months ago. I posted a few weeks ago, that I couldn't wait any longer and bought a RSX Type S. I had no idea when I purchased my Type S, the Celica was only 3 weeks away from arriving. The way the dealership made it sound, it was more than a month out at best. Oh well, I love my Type S, and have no regrets. But, this Celica is badass, and I want to give the members here a chance at it first. So, in case you are in the market for a new Celica, and live in the Dallas TX area, here is what I ordered.

2003 Super White GT-S 6 speed with the following options:
- Perforated leather seats
- 16" wheel/tire upgrade
- Side airbags
- Moonroof
- Door edge guards
- Vehicle protection package (consists of lusterizing sealant, vinyl & textile shield, sound shield, and sealant cleaner)
- Sunroof wind deflector
- Extra mile option package C
* Permavin/Glass Etch
* Tape stripe
* Cargo Net
* Keyless entry W/Security
* Bodyside moulding
* Mud guards
* Night vision mirror upgrade W/compass & temperature indicator
* Wheel locks
* Road Hazard - Tire&Wheel warrenty
* Rear spoiler
* 3 year/36,000 mile roadside assitance at no extra charge

Yep, beautiful car. The only thing I didn't order, was the action package. Otherwise as you can see, it's completely loaded. If you are interested, please call Tom Hammon at: 972-258-6516 - Toyota Of Irving. He is a great guy, and you should be able to work out a very good deal on the car with him. I will be going to the dealership tomorrow with my girl to get a couple of pictures of the car, just because it's so ironic I waited so long for the car, and ended up getting something else 3 weeks before the Celica showed up. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. Maybe if Toyota does make a new 2005 model, I will have my chance. For now, I'm having a blast with my new Type S. Keep in mind, this is only 1 of 6 Celica GT-S 6 speeds in all of Texas, so if you want it, you better act fast.
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