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My Trunk door keeps falling!!!

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im a new owner of a 2000 Celica GT and i was wondering if anyone elses Celicas trunk door keeps falling ?

like you would have to hold the door ip to put things in ?

cuz my door doesent stay up or anything and i was wondering if it was the trunk struts that have no more grip left in them ,

so i was wondering is it my struts or is it normal for the Celica trunk doors to do that and everyone elses trunk is like this ?

PLEASE help me so i can fix this problem ASAP
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keep a mop handle in your trunk!!! or the vicegrips^ or a 2x4 or a monkey in the trunk!!! or don't use your trunk...ROTFL
don't even think of replacing the shocks.

100shipped for brand new pair ..if it doesn' hold up in the winter with stock spoiler..u need new one for's getting weak..i have trd rep wing weight 14lb and mine doesn't hold up but with stock spoiler it'll hold up..even in the winter..
forget a mop, get one of those yellow wiffle bats, it fits perfectly and long enough to get it almost fully open.
or just don't use the trunk at problem to worry about.. lol ..
i have a question.., are these easy to change urself?
i just got two new shocks at a local kragen for $40. maybe you should give them a try. or see if anyones is parting out a celica and buy they're trunk shocks?
Kragen has them? can u give me part number of what u bought?
if u have trd spoiler..u might want to check the spec of them shock b4 buying them..they are different compare to stock spoiler..
Kore971 said:
i have a question.., are these easy to change urself?
There is a major hurdle. It's almost impossible to unscrew the ball bolts that connect the shocks to the hatch with an open wrench.

The easiest way is to saw them with a hacksaw. Then you'll be able to use a socket wrench to unscrew them.
i suggest u get an impact wrench
Odds are the trunk shocks need to be replaced. I'm guessing you didn't just add a spoiler or anything, because the added weight could be weighing it down. I know that in the cold weater, my trunk shocks don't work as well, but seeing how you live in CA, I doubt that's the problem.
Celica402GTS said:
i suggest u get an impact wrench
It won't help at all.

The ball bolt is made of soft steel. You need to unsrew it somehow. If it's inside the shock end, the only possibility is to use an open wrench, which will round the bolthead.
Auto zone has them for like 40$ a piece i think. I bought mine when I had the problem last winter off a member for like 45$. But god damn those ****ers are hard to get off.
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