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Hello all,

Totally new to the forum, looking for a Celica 2000-2004 Action Pack GT or GTS Spectra Blue, in like new condition.

Something with 500 miles of Harrisburg PA. Maybe consider farther depending on the car. Also like the supra, but not the price, not able to put out 30K + so I settle for the Celica.

Here are some of the options I would like according to Toyota.

> Power Sunroof
> Air Conditioning
> Cruise Control
> Power Steering
> Power Brakes
> Power Door Locks
> Power Windows
> Cassette Player
> Factory Alloy Wheels or better
> Trip Odometer
> Tachometer
> Tilt Steering Wheel
> Interval Wipers
> Rear Defroster
> Console
> Carpeting
> Day/Night Lever
> Front Bucket Seats
> Reclining Seats
> Center Arm Rest
> Factory Security System or better
> Courtesy Lights
> Leather Upholstery
> Rear Window Wiper
> Fold Down Rear Seat
> Keyless Entry
> CD Player
> AM/FM Stereo Radio
> Rear Spoiler
> Map Lighting
> Dual Air Bags
> Power Outside Mirrors
> Factory Stereo System or better.
> Side Impact Air Bags
> Leather Wrap Steering Wheel

Now I checked for a brand new 2004 GT-S and the best I can find is $25,077. Any comments good bad, fair, indifferent. The sales rep tells me he is selling 2% above invoice, said $21,180.00 is what they pay.

Well since I'm not to trusting of dealers, I wanted to ask you experts first. I figured I could get one hell of a car for that kind of bread. Even found a 1994 Supra for $9900, but not much is factory and I need something a little more practical.

So with all that being said, looking for something that has a fairly clean look and feel. Nothing that has super mods on the engine. Again I need something I can drive on a normal road and not just on the strip.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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You posted in my thread for my car. My GTS has every option that was availible in 2002. It still carries the bumper to bumper and power train warranty.

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ok i got one lol 04 GTS TRD just needs a lil modin now. I found a brand new one from a dealer in Pittz in Sept 04 wooot. :headbang:

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