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Hey! I recently bought a Toyota MR2 and had a Celica before.
It's a great car and I'd be very happy if the engine didn't decide to blow a piston and puncture the block.

I was lucky to have a mechanic friend that is helping me out and already pulled the destroyed engine and now we're ready for the swap.
After looking around for a used 1ZZ-FE without much luck we're leaning towards getting a rebuilt one.
What is a reliable source to get a rebuilt 1ZZ-FE for a decent price in the LOS ANGELES area? I don't have experience and would hate to get screwed over with a bad engine.
I feel like I just dodged a bullet after investigating a shop: Honda Acura Specialists - San Bernardino, CA | Yelp

It seems they're full on crooks. I need the car to get to work so would really appreciate if anyone has a recommendation on this that can workout asap.
Do not get a rebuild 1zz, pointless and a waste of money.

Get a new short block and reuse your head * assuming that it is within spec.

2003+ year short block with the upgraded pistons and rings that caused the oil burning issues in the early models.

Since you are local you can save on the shipping, just pay the 7.50% tax.
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