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The dumb ass that had my car before I bought it never changed the oil and ran it to 8k all day long. You can tell because he wore through the first level of material on over 3 of the cam lobes and warped the rollers so the valve timing barely kicked in. What happened was since he didnt ever change his oil, on top of the other damage he did, he heat warped the valve retainers and they came out of the valve spring, dropped the valve into the cylinder, broke it off, cracked the valve seating, and the broken valve pressed its imprint into the piston. From just the cams being ****ed, I was only hitting 121lbs of compression in the first cylinder, 150 on 2, 150 on 3 and 0 on 4. I was going to rebuild the motor for turbo with 9:1 compression but fund are only sufficient to pay for the motor rebuild and not the turbo. I may keep the compression the same and just do what I had planned later. This is what I am doing so far.

-New flywheel for the
-ACT 4 puck drag clutch
-JE pistons
-Titanium valve retainers
-HKS Valves
-New cams
-Valve Springs(Maybe titanium)
-Port and polished head
-Machined, Balanced and blueprinted block
-Metal Headgasket

The only thing i cant decide is if I should drop the compression now or later. The plan was a 60- housing for around 400+hp. I need to know where to buy cams though, oem or if there is a better aftermarket cam let me know, it will be a lot cheaper. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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