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Need help pricing my Celica

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I'm basically trying to get the most out of my 2001 Toyota Celica GT. It has a couple of issues such as a bad piston rings, a bad clutch and most likely a new alternator/ battery . The interior is nice and complete with just a hole on the drivers side seat. (fabric seats btw). The exterior only has a paint chip on the rear panel that exposes the metal. I'm basically wondering if I should bother with replacing the clutch and alternator since the rings are bad and also wondering how much I could sell it for with and without fixing it. Thank you guys in advance!
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If its a manual, max is probably 1200$ as is (MA). If its an auto, probably 700-1000$.

Unfortunately the motor/clutch are expensive, in relation to the price of these cars.

Check around your area for other GT Celicas and knock 700-1000$ off the price of them due to damage.
Really appreciate it. I'm able to get a clutch kit for it but wondering if its worth to buy it and replace it. Replacing it myself that is. Also this would be my first clutch replacement by myself so it would be a whole lot of work lmao.
In Florida... like $5k max unless it's in amazing shape and unmodified. And even then, you'll have to wait for the right person to come along.
Yeah ive been looking around my area and they are like 5k for some decent working ones qround 150,000. I might just have to price mine around 2k. I also forgot to mention that its at 217,000 miles so that would affect my price a lot.
Yeah I tried estimating prices on KBB and I got around $1245-$2744. Im thinking about just pricing it at $2200-2300. Or around that number.
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