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jotan82 said:
where the hell have you been?

i know the feeling... once you roll on volks, you are then brain washed forever
heya jotan.

maybe you can help me out with my rim choice

what do you think for a SILVER wrx.

im looking to make this car look eeeeeeevil.

i was thinking a set of gunmetal te37 or another set of le37T

any other reccomendations?

the size must be 17X7.5 though.... im very confused. the new le28N (ce28N gunmetal with polished lip) look very sexy to me right now and are not very popular yet :)

what do you think?

im about to bust out the master card!

also...what other stuff do you think the car needs.

i am volk brainwashed so i figured i might as well just go wiht the flow!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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