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Need some words of wisdom from you nitrous people

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I am a newb to but i have a 03 7th gen gts with intake, exhaust, pulleys, and nitrous. I want to use 75 shot but herd its not to safe. I have been useing a 50 shot. What are some things I can do to prolong the life of my engine. Would it help with the nitrous if I got new pistons, and rods.? Would it give me more power? And also how long do most peeps motors last? Do most 7th gen owners mess up there motors because the motor has to work harder? Or is it because they do stupid things with it like hit fuel cuttoff while spraying? What kind of spark plugs should I use? What kind of oil should I use? My car has almost 15k miles on it and I have been spraying for about a month. I did a proper break in on my car too. Also what kind of window switch do yall recommend. And my kit is a nitrous xpress kit :)
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damn you got a lot of miles on that thing already and im sorry to hear that your warranty is already gone....i just switched my pills yesterday to 75 shot but now i am waitin for my bottle to be filled.....i used NGK-7 copper spark plugs
Yeah and I bought the extended warrenty :(
if u want bigger shots u have to upgrade the internals of ur engine plus fuel system.
Would an FMU help with the 50 shot that i am already runing.? I have herd stories with gt-s' blowing there motors from runing lean. I have an a/f guage but I also herd they are not very acurate. I have herd even if i see it going lean its all ready to late. Also are there any other 03 gt-s' nx powered cause because the full throttle switch doesnt work so im useing a button. How could i get a full throttle activation for my car. And can i have a link for a window switch?
why doesnt the full throttle switch work on your car?
Get the NX upgrade next. It has some safety features such as the fuel safety switch. If it detects any drop in fuel pressure, the nitrous solenoid will shut down. For example if you accidently hit your re-limiter. Also with the kit comes the blown down tubing, which releases the nitrous outside of your car if your bottle pressure becomes too high. You also get a couple more goodies but that covers some of the safety issues.

The '03 has the electronic throttle. I'm not sure if you can even use the traditional WOT switch. I have a '01 and have an actual throttle cable. You could also invest in a window switch. It would only spray at a certain RPM such as from 3-7500. As far as 75 shot, I don't know. Time will tell. I'm about to have a 60 shot installed. The shop I go to ordered the jets for me. I to have a GT-S. If the XS turbo kit is putting out nearly 100 extra horsepower, then I don't see why not. I know higher compression engines like the 2ZZ respond better to nitrous than say a 8:1 ratio. With that size shot, I would recommend a new clutch. I'm in the same boat. I will have to get one soon. But anyway, sorry for the long post. I just hope it helps. Let us know how the 75 works. Later.
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whats the electronic throttle look like? ive never heard of it til now
I think the best way to understand the basics of an electronic throttle would be to refer to about two or three issues back on the mag Sport Compact Car and refer to the technobabble section. They covered this same subject (Dave Coleman) and how it works. He stated he didn't like it. Coleman refered to such cars as the new M3, RX8, and the 350.
Ok. You have several issues to address. First is the question "are you safe to run a 50 shot?" Probabally. Heres how NX kits work. They run "rich" all the time so you dont run lean and blow up your engine. Nitrous buffs say the general rule of thumb to proper nitrous tuning is to pull 1- 1.5 degrees of timing per 25 shot. However there isnt a sure easy, or ANY way to pull your ignition timing.. Thats why the NX kit is one of the only kits, if not THE only kit available for your car. So again in conclusion, if you put on the stuff they recommend, the fuel pressure detecting unit, and even the window switch you will be fine

The second issue where you want to spray 75 shot.. I wouldnt really advise it UNLESS:

1) you can find a way to manipulate your fuel pressure with something like an FMU or another device designed for that task in mind

2) you can find a way to retard your base ignition timing 2-3 degrees

or 3) you can find some very high octane fuel so you can run more N2O without pulling timing (pulling timing decreases chances of detonation).

Or you could use what the turbo guys have been using for years. Its stuff called Tolulene. You mix 3-4 gallons of that stuff with the rest gas to create a full tank of fuel, and you will have somewhere around the equivalent of 96 or so octane fuel.. which may be enough.

Now theres another thing turbo guys have been using for awhile called Water Injection. And what water injection does, is it decreases intake temps, effectively raises octane, and cleans the engine all at the same time. I dont really know how well the water injection would work on your application to prevent blowing up the engine, but it might be worth a shot to look into.

Hate to say it, and alot of people on this site dont like the forum, but one of the best forums for nitrous info is because theres a lot of civic guys that know ALOT of info about nitrous and the different kits and applications.

Hope this helps a little.
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I just reread my post..let me elaborate.

The NX kit is a WET kit. On a wet kit you have jets that just dump nitrous directly into your fuel stream. What happens with NX kits is by default they dump way more fuel than nitrous so your car will run "richer" than it would if you just ran nitrous mixed in. What that does is it makes it harder for you to run lean and hurt the engine. So that philosophy would work with a higher shot right? Not exactly. Because the GTS has fairly small injectors to start with and the fuel need starts to outweigh the capacity for flow the injectors can produce so then you start running lean when you turn up the nitrous shot. So thats why I said to look into something like an FMU that can provide increased fuel pressure and flow.
If you really want a 75 shot here's what you need:

1- Fuel pressure safety switch , if your fuel pressure can't keep up when your spraying then you either need a bigger pump or an inline pump...

2-NGK copper plugs (bkr7es-11) and gap them down to about 10mm or 0.038"

3-Higher octane gas when you spray .. I would do somewhere in the 96+ octane range

4-a new clutch (your stock one will die not too long after you start using a 75 shot)

The RSX-S has the same problems that the 2zz has for nitrous (fixed timing, high compression ratio, aluminum block, overly lightweight internals with questionable structural integrity...etc) ..yet there are a group of people on using 100 and 125hp shots on RSX-S's ...they always use race gas when they spray though and that makes up for not being able to retard your timing

Happy spraying

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Oh and I gotta give Nuke credit for the info in my post. Nuke is the man.
the only thing i replaced with my 75 shot is my spark plugs.....which i went from iridium to copper.....i was on low bottle and 4th feels like seems ok so far without having anything else replaced....i cant wait til im on full bottle then ill really feel it
I have totally been talked into nitrous. It looks to be pretty safe as long as you stay conservative with it. I am going for the NX stage one 50 shot kit with the Gen X 2 upgrade and a remote bottle opener. That seems to be a pretty safe setup.
how much does the nx kit retail with the automatic bottle opener. reading this post has made up my mind about gettin it
All depends where you get it.

#20923 - All Import EFI Nozzle System (35-50-75hp)

Gen-X 2 accessory package
Fully Automatic Bottle Heater
Nitrous Pressure Gauge
Heavy Duty Fuel Pressure Safety Cut-Off Switch
NHRA Blow-Off Cap (3000 psi)
NHRA Blow-Down Tube
Purge Kit

the automatic bottle opener is another 250.00
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