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hey folks,
my good friend Mari just released her new album "Wonderful People"!

The company that is distributing the CD is having a contest this month and I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help out. will take the Top 100 best selling albums and allow the top 10 artist to have one track each on a Sampler CD, the other 90 will get to put an mp3 on the same Sampler CD. The CD will be given away free to people who buy music from during the months of November and December.

Getting on the sample CD can really help Mari get her music in the hands of people who normallly wouldn't take a listen. :)

If any of you are intersted in helping out go check out her music
Click Here:
Mari Iijima - Wonderful People

If any of you purchase it and want your copy autographed, let me know...

what does this have to to with anime/manga?

Mari was the voice of Lynn MinMay from the TV show Macross and movie "Super Dimentional Fortress: Macross - Ai Oboetei imasu ka?" and sang all of the songs on the soundtrack. She also sang the theme "Eternal Love" for the PS2 Galaxy Angel game. Mari's appeared on MTV's "Spider games" as well as USA Networks "Pacific Blue".

Check it out! :)

Mari's Website

thanks for your support!
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