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New Celica Owner

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I recently bought a 2002 GTS with the 4 speed automatic.
Love the car, goes like crazy on the highway but noticed
that when it's cold in particualr or when below 3K RPM
there is very little power. In fact when cold and in "D"
you can even floor it and it will barely move.

Somebody tell me this is NOT normal and I need to have
it checked out. I know it's not a muscle car but the low
end power is worse than the Neon I got rid of.

Any ideas?
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Correct me if i'm wrong here but the 05 Celica GT is more faster then the GTS in the right hands of a true driver..... :bowdown: GT
Yes, but only if the GTS driver has no arms or legs, is just a head on the pleather seat...
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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