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New exhaust AND one ticket later!!!!!!!!

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yep dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 hour ago they pulled me over.....they said my certificate is worth nothing in virginia,and it's too loud....can i fight it???
dude i wasen't in town 5 minutes and they got me......i was laughing the whole time cause i thought it had to be a joke and the po po said "no miss sipe this is no joke"....why me??....well does it matter how many tickets i get? cause i am not taking it off
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What the ****.. what exhaust do you have??
peter ,jeremy and liz's husband and prinya put jeremy's Tanube exhaust on.....i got a certificate from jeremy saying it was legal,BUT it say's only in california.....oh well,sounds real good!!....but it's not that loud!!!!....oh "hiya peter" how are ya babe?
i have the tanube racing one and i have not got pulled over yet. i live in md but still, that is petty ass s*** didn't try to show him any leg did you? JK.......i am susprised i have not got a ticket yet(oh yeah i forgot my car is sitting the shop still without a trans) cus of all the rice where i live have to screw it up for the ones who do it for a hobby/fun......well i would fight it Don P fought his blue head light ticket and won. so who knows, anything is possible
Geez Leah, that sucks! Hope you can get out of having the ticket and all. :( Speaking of which...long time no see. :D *waves*
cops = :bang:
FIGHT THAT **** IN COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have fought the power and won!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil: :evil: You have my blessing, you will win in court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil: :evil: and I hate cops

cops = :gay:
and cops :bang: :bang:
ok if i can fight it.....someone tell me the first thing to do,like what do i take with me and how do i prove it....oh and on the ticket it says "improper exhaust".....oh AND this cop was a total NEWBIE,he was young(and might i add hot!!!) but he had a attitude so,no leg for him......................oh let me add also,i guess they saw the car and thought "thug" because not just 1 cop pulled me over,not 2 cops but 3!!!!! with 3 spot lights,they had my car lit up like the 4th of july......guess they felt like they were on "cops"
fight it.. bring your paperwork, ask the judge to read the county ordinance to you, then look at the fed laws on modifying cars.. say the exhaust is no louder than a stock mustang, that is why you have paperwork to show that its 50 states emissions approved, etc..
fight it

go to court

it does not excess the limit

seriously some muscle cars sounds louder than that!
i think she said her problem was that the paperwork only said legal in California. Do they have a website? See if it lists the decible level of the exhaust. Find out what the legal limit is in VA. If you are legal, take your documentation to court.
Sorry to hear that Leah. I think it sounds good. Some of you guys have exhausts that sounds too "tinny" or something, but the one you have sounded good when I heard it.

What I don't get is this: How are those Harley bikes that are louder than crap not illegal? Everytime I drive by one I have to literally cover my ears they're so loud. I've never had that happen with a car before. Splain that one to me. says something about being 95 decimals on the certificate...i will do my research and if i see i have a chance i'll definatly fight it.....but yeah why can a mustang 5.0 sound louder than me stock and get by with it.......
95 decibals should be the law in va .. also there is a federal law stating that you are able to choose between companies, you don't have to buy toyota only parts.. good example is, you don't have to go to toyota to get an oil change you have the free will (by federal law) no state can restrict that to shop elsewhere.. that's what you did with the exhaust and you followed virginia regulations of 95dbls.. virginia can not state that you as a customer can not buy an exhaust from a different manufacturer than toyota.. but they can restrict you as to how loud the exhaust can be and you have the paperwork to say that its no louder than 95dbls
ok.....can i go down to the police department,and can they print me off anything that says what is legal???......can't find sh*t on the web
i have a full custom HKS exhaust and a high flow cat, and its very very loud, i got a ticket for it, went to court and beat the sh!t out the cop, got the ticket stamped by the judge, next time i get pulled over and the cop thinks hes got another one, BAM in his face! Stamped ticket saying my exhuast is legal. i will never forget te cops face after the court case, he couldnt even make eye contact with me, so now instead of worrying bout getting pulled over, i welcome it. cant wait to get pulled over again!!!! o yeah the cops excuse for writing me the ticket was and i quote " the state officer told me to do it" hahahha he was a Fairfax County cop on duty with a State cop. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok what did you take to prove it.......
certificate says.....
"Tanube exhaust are catalytic-converter back systems produced for street use in the 50 united states and must be used in conjuction with the oem specified emissions equipment. This is an aftermarket replacement exhuast system,and not a modified oem exhaust system"
ok....pretty much says it's legal.......does that cop think i'm dumb,and tried to pull a fast one on me,cause i showed him this
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