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New exhaust AND one ticket later!!!!!!!!

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yep dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 hour ago they pulled me over.....they said my certificate is worth nothing in virginia,and it's too loud....can i fight it???
dude i wasen't in town 5 minutes and they got me......i was laughing the whole time cause i thought it had to be a joke and the po po said "no miss sipe this is no joke"....why me??....well does it matter how many tickets i get? cause i am not taking it off
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You won't win.

Ok, for all who posted fight it and bring the documents to court IT WILL NOT HELP.

If you read the law in VA it states that the exhaust cannot be louder then stock. No matter what.

Yeah it's an old and ghey ass law. I got pulled over and fined a ticket for my TRD exhaust.

LeahWhytCeli :

What is probably going to happen:

You are going to have to pay the court fee of $45 + whatever the judge gives you. Most likely $80. But if you get a nice judge he will say take off the exhaust take a before and after shot of your car with and without the exhaust bring it back to court and he will wave the fine.



I am going to try and get a new law passed in VA to have it changed and I have SEMA backing me up.

At this point, I'm going to make a point of contacting Sen. Colgan by late summer and seek his sponsorship of the SEMA model exhaust noise legislation.

If you or anyone else wants to help out I can give you the NEW re-written exhaust law to propose. As well as the Sen. Colgans number.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do now, until this summer since they stop taking submissions.

Good luck in court.
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Did you get the ticket in VA? What kind of exhaust do you have? When you say you won, you mean that the Judge HAD to let you off or was it he decided to be a nice judge and let you off?

The reason I ask is because I can use you to get my money back, seriously this is what I call unfair justice.
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