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Hi, all. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia :eh: and will be picking up a gorgeous blue 2000 GT-S (yes, it's an auto, but no hatin'!). :bang:

We pick it up this afternoon. The private seller was real cool -- threw it up on a hoist to poke around and show the amazing lack of rust! There is a bit around the rear wheel wells, but nothing to speak of underneath. Living just north of New England ... well, you can probably imagine what our salt-infused highways can do to a vehicle that isn't taken care of!

Interior is in mint condition! And, for a 14 year old car, it only has 160 000 km (100k miles) -- pretty sweet. Pics to come.

Background on my screen name: My wife and children are Mi'kmaq First Nation and in Mi'kmaq, the sacred eagle is the "kitpu" (pronounced git-boo). Since the Celica is a beautiful blue screaming bird of prey, I figured we'd name her "Kitplu" (Git-Blue -- Blue Eagle). Just my overenthusiastic bastardization of another language! :D

Really excited to join this community and grab our new wheels!


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Welcome to the forums and post pics of your celica! Make sure to browse around and check out the installs section and other sections as well! Search is your/our friend too:)
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