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New Member and *NEED HELP*

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Hey guys, Im new on here and i honestly dont know if this is a good spot for this discussion or not. If not someone let me know and my bad in advance.

So i bought a 2002 Celica GT (1.8 1ZZFE) and it was knocking. I replaced rods and test drove it. Still a BAD knock and NO top end. I was in the process if a tear down and realized that my block was cracked. So i found another 1zzfe block and bought a brand new crankshaft, new rods, new mains, and new seals. I didnt know if my valves were good so i bought another head from a guy at work who drove a 08 toyota matrix with a 1zzfe and it blew a head gasket. I took HIS valves, springs, shims, and Buckets out and put all that inside my head. EXACTLY how they were in the blown head. I put it all together using MY cams and i have VALVES HITTING PISTONS!! Ive used a feeler gauge and tried measureing the space between the cam lobes WITH THE LOBE FACING UP and EVERYONE was on the bucket. ZERO space to be measured. SO ive since then tore the head down and seated the valves and here i am.

My question is are these buckets suppose to go in a certain place. EX somem are 44, 45, 53, 48, ect are the numbers suppose to go on a certain intake or exhaust valve? Ive called my local machine shop and hes told me to take the number inside the bucket and multiply it by 0.03937 and that should give me the shim in thousands. But when i used a micrometer in them to measure the thickness of the tit inside its a totally different number!

Thank you for reading this and any help is appreciated!!

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Buy a used engine that you know is in working order.
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