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new pic of my car

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the pic was just taken yesterday so i figured i would post it
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nice ride.. looking good.. just dont like the buddy club sides.. i never did b4 so that why heh..
Damn, you got a lot of stuff done to that thing. Looks great man! I wish you could have made it to the meet this past saturday though, maybe next time? :D Great pic by the way.
wow thats really low.

i don't know if i like those fender vents, they don't seem to fit right on the car. the black spoiler on the front seems out of place too. the rest of the car looks good though.
dude, NICE car. can you list your mods? Especially your suspension setup, and what wheels are they? LOOKING NICE MAN!:)
lookin good man.. u definitely shoulda been showin in nopi and not just hangin out :)

i want that cf lower windsplitter.where did u get it again?
question: where did you get that x-tra front fender spoiler, I was actually thinking of doing that, dang it looks purty cool man..

lowredcruzr said:

the pic was just taken yesterday so i figured i would post it
Daymn..ure car looks sick! I like how you made u're whole car look agressive. Are you considering adding a cf hood w/ c-one (mbautosport) hoodscoop?
veryyyyy niceeeeee.....
if i remember correctly the cf diffuser came from but they are changing the site around right now, its kind of hard to find stuff. As for mods, 18" konig Toxxins in white, Ground Control coils (with cut front perches, show use) blitz front, with buddy club sides and rear, Vis Pro GT-2 alum. wing, Trd SShifter, Sebring Tuning custom catback exhaust, M3 fender vents, carbon fiber front diffuser, Rmm front strut bar, Injen Cai, full painted interior, TV, dvd, ps2, roll cage is here at the house, Red tinted windows, i think thats it well most of it, just lots of little things not listed. Glad to see that most of you like it, as for nopi, yeah i should have entered, i always have next year.

[email protected]
wow man looks good looks exactly like mine except for few minor diffrences but looking good.
Love your ride. Looks sweet. I'd love to see a Celica with Blitz style front, Molly sides, and TRD or RMM rear. That would look sweettttttttt imo! (And ofcourse TRD or RMM wing ;))

please tell me you dont have the m3 badge on it do you??
badges are covered in black vinyl, and say toyota in red

That looks pretty cool although its way too low for the roads around here :)

Have you got any pics of the car b4 it was dropped?
Nice, how much was that cf windsplitter for anyhow?

the cars looks dope as hell man....very nice looking....i like it a lot...u need to take that car to shows???

anyways were u got the cf lower windsplitter, and for how much:confused: :confused:
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