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new pic of my car

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the pic was just taken yesterday so i figured i would post it
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very nice ride man, but i would never be able to drive wit the blitz kit on...jus sits too low for my tastes, but very nice ride dude
damn man thats one flippin hott car!
Hey man, i think i got the lip from, i ordered a bunch of stuff over the summer and dont remember where it all came from but it was about $250 for the lip. i hope this helps you if not hit me back with an email and i'll find out for sure where it came from.

damn...that is one tricked out celica man!!!!!
The drop looks good for the Blitz front..any problems w/speed bumps?

lookin good...sweet ride
Did you lower it just for the pic. I can't imagine driving around that low anywhere. I would be afraid of damaging that wind splitter. Very sweet ride.
you could get it. i think its the postert stuff.... there's a postert cf front lip/spoiler on the celica body kit page... dont have the link at hand, but im sure u can find it on the site.... theres a racing version and a regular version..... u dont need a body kit for that one...its a whole lip... g'luck whoever wants it :)
very nice celica...

not much for white wheels, but they work with your car...

you can NOT drive with it that low right??? i know i couldn't... too damn low... nice ride
nice ride man.. da moe and moe i see blitz front.. i want dat sucka on mah ride too.. how much to getta paint job for front? and where did u get ur blitz front at.. cuz mbautosport ones do not look like urs neither Jotan's.... nice ride tho..
Are those M3 fender vents genuine or a knock off? Are they actually the entire fender or are they just cut into? I am very curious about these, please let me know, I think that the car looks great!!!
those are real, i ordered them from BMW and yeah they are cut in. and thanks for the reply man.

for the vents, to have them cut in and the fenders repainted it was about 400
W/out body work and paint how much did BMW charge you for the M3 air vents? Thanks!
i know the guys at BMW i picked up the vents for about 120.
and no sorry no up close pics yet, i'll get some soon.

21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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