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Used to have a Blue/Yellow scheme, decided to get rid of that and go with Blue/Silver. Probably the next and last thing I'll do is to lower it about 2 inches, comments welcome!

<IMG SRC="" border=0>

Mods List:
TRD Sides/Rear Skirts
Blitz Front Bumper
Shark Racing Wings - tips painted to match car
Black Painted Calipers/Drums
Enkei Arashi's Wrapped in Yokohama Paradas
Hyper White Low/Hi/Fogs/Brake Light/Rear Turn Signals/Reverse Lights
Blue Turn Signal/Parking Lights/License Plate Lights
37% Artic Blue Window Tint
Sony M610 Headunit
4x Pioneer 3 Way 6.5inch Speakers
Extreme Dynamat'd
Blue Reverse Indiglo Gauges
BFV Removed
Plastics painted silver to match grills

00 Carbon Blue GT

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