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new problems overheating & ticky noise

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i posted here last time

when my celica died. i reinstalled a new clutch... along with that it turned out that the noise was causeb because there was no oil moving up. so it turned out to be my oil pump... it was crushed. i got a OEM one isnstalled it. closed everything up. now! when i turn on the car it seemed a lil diffrent, the noise the car makes isnt what im use to before. i was driving it for about 15 minutes when i notice its getting hot, 2 minutes later is all the way to the Max of Hot. so... i bought a new thermostat and the other thing that goes with it... and some engine coollant. sealed it all up put in new coolant and its still overheating. my fans are going crazy. and the tickyness is getting annyoing... sounds like a 1980 corolla when it goes over 4K rpm is just ticky... what could be the problem? did the time jump? ive just about had it with my celica.
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did you bleed the cooling system properly. its difficult in the celica. as for the knocking. you might have done engine damage. spun a bearing. now are you in louisiana or los angeles? if you are in CA then i can fix your motor
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