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slidr said:
I just installed Tein S springs in place of Sportlines last week, and I could barely tell any difference between the two.

The back was a little higher, but the front appeared to be unchanged.
I find this very interesting because I was thinking that the sportlines dropped the car at least 2 inches whereas I don't thing the S-Techs are but 1.3-1.4, so that is a significant difference. You are saying that your S techs are the same height of the Sportlines? Something is wrong...there is no way that the S-Techs could be as low as the sportlines considering the lengths of the springs uncompressed and the spring rates of the two. If anything the S-Techs should be sitting a good deal higher than the sportlines did, so I am lost.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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