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New Toyota Supra

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hey people what do you think of this new toyota supra that they think will be out in 2007 ??

well as much as i love the toyota celica VVTLI 190 and the sound of that engine when u hit the boost at 5500 RPM up to 9000rpm i really think i would have to sell and get the new supra

the new supra a 5.0lt V8 with 450bhp would be amaze..
the celica would be like a little tiny baby to this with is 1.8lt 4cyl only 190bhp

but what do you people think off this ??? would u also change to the supra ?
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wtcnbrwndo4u said:
Beast said:

:chuckles: :wtf: :rolleyes: ... :D

What mag was that from? And date?

Who knows... maybe I photochopped the whole thing. Maybe it came out last month... :evil:
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