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Icemann said:
Hey dudes, I need some advice. I bought a 6yo car and want to improve the paint color. It has not been taken care of very well. It has some water marks and oxidation issues. I just ordered a PC 7424 , going on ur advice in the threats. I was going to use meguiar # 9 swirl remover and a cleaner. I was thinking #2 medium cleaner or medallion paint cleaner. Which one do u think would be better? If I use such of an abrasive cleaner do I still need to use a clay bar first?

Thanks 4 the Help!
bme107 - :thumbup:

Icemann - The situation is that you are facing a somewhat neglected finish. What bme said is a good start but you are DEFINITELY going to need a Light to medium cut cleaner to get rid of the oxidation and then follow up with #9 to kill the swirls. those steps should follow the clay

Meguiar's does make cleaners like that for their professional line. Since you have a PC 7424, you might need to use a cutting pad and the cleaner to see if the oxidation comes up that way or you are going to have to find someone that knows how to use a rotary buffer and apply the cleaner to that finish.
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