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I have added a Trader Rating system to which will allow members to rate their buy/sell/trade experience from other members on the site.

• Rate another member: Positive / Negative / Neutral
• Specify Buyer, Seller, or Trade
• Leave comments about the deal
• Records date when rating created
• Specify a URL to the deal
• Display ratings over time
• Filter based on Buyer/Seller/Trade/or feedback they left for others
• Users can edit/delete ratings left for others (time based limitation)
• Admins & Mods can edit/delete anyone's ratings (just incase)
• Stats page showing best & worst rated members, and recent ratings
• PM notification when a person is rated

If someone does rate you and you feel it was unfair or untrue please email [email protected] with details and I will look into the situation.
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Not open for further replies.