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I have a Short Ram Intake and Espelir exhaust. What should my next mod be? I don't really know if I just want to go for appearance mods (body kit) or performance mods. I'm leaning towards appearance mods because headers would probably be the next performance mod for me and I've heard those are around $1,000 but correct me if i'm wrong (because i probably am). If anyone wants to post pictures of their Celica with their body kit, tell me what kind it is, and how much they paid for it, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for performance that would give me power gains, let me know.
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marc said:
gt-s boy said:
I would head over into the suspension mods. If you have a lot of money then get some Tein coil overs, but if you don't then just get some Tein S-tech springs. They only lower your car 1.5", so using your stock shocks will be sufficent. Get some front and rear hotchkis swaybars, and your car will attack the corners super fast. It will feel totally different after you put swaybars on it.
DO NOT use stock shocks with new springs.

they aren't designed for that ride height or spring rate.
No struts for the Celica are specifically designed with lowering in mind, but KYB and Koni say theirs can handle down to 1.5" without damage. Tokico claims 1.25", like their springs.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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