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noise when spooling

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i just wanted to ask a quick question to all of you turbo guys. how loud is the the turbo wistling on a celica with a hass kit. i have never seen a boosted celica spool up. i tried seaching but i only found clips of celicas from the inside. is it as loud as a turbo eclipse? or like evos ( they're not that noticeable)

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drewd said:
I agree with boosted having been in both. turbo celica spool sounds very noticeable and the BOV is LOUD. Stock EVO spool isn't as loud and you can hardly hear the bov..
just like you i have and evo and a non turbo celica, and when i first got the evo the there was no spool sound at all, but isnt a turbo eclipse with the stock airbox (like boosted mentioned) louder than evos. any way thanks for the help :) celica spooling = sexy :drool:
mukalicious said:
yeah my buddy had an evo and couldnt hear a thing. he added a bov that sounded like a mack trucks air brakes. haha.

in the celica i get head turners with the spool and then people jump and stare with the ssq. :hide:

I definetely need to go turbo
VladsGTS said:
if i drive with open exhaust my turbo spools loud as hell. with closed exhaust is kinda sounds like the turbo cars in the game Forza if you ever played it. loud in my opinion. and i have no intake on my turbo

a turbo with no intake. is that safe at all? :)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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