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*non celica* Video Projector for Video games

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I have a video projector with a brand new bulb good for 6000 hours of use. It has s-video and composite audio and video in. It can project a 80" image. Image quailty is pretty good. I paid $200 and lookin for $150 plus $10 shipping.
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what brand is it? pics?
pics coming right up
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Click to enlarge"></a>
thats better
Can you use like a white wall or does this need a canvas?
either or. I used both. Sometimes I would use the wall and sometimes a white sheet or if I felt like it I got my dads slide projector screen out and used that.
damn thats one hella cheap projector, hows the picture quality?
and want to trade for my PSP?
- Power Adapter: DC 12V, 5A
- Luminous Flux: 200-300 lm
- Brightness Uniformity: 75%
- Resolution: 480 x 234
- Display size: 12 - 80 inches
- Effective Distance: 0.6 m - 5 m
- Best Display Size: 48 inches
- Sound: < 30 dB
- S-Video Input
- Stereo Earphone Output
- Adjustable Focus
- Adjustable Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Chroma
- Remote Control on all functions

- Projector size: 235mm(L) x 218mm(W) x 90mm(H)
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Image quality is actually pretty good. I had it last setup in my room on top of my headboard and it displayed on a white sheet over my window right in front of my bed. The display size was about 70" and I would play xbox live with it and watch movies with my wife.

Im getting rid of this one because my wife bought me a zoombox for my birthday so I dont need two projectors.
cool2miketlu said:
Any dead pixels? locked pixels?
nope. perfect picture
Stupid Question, But Did Can U Put Up A Picture Of In On. So We Can See The Picture?
yeah ill get a few pics of it on today and post them.
hahaha, sorry i was on the phone when i typed that message. hahaha. love the gram. if anyone has trouble reading that i asked him if he can put a picture up of the projector on. lol sorry.
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Click to enlarge"></a>
<a href=""><img src="" alt="Click to enlarge"></a>

The pics are blurry because my wifes dig cam really sucks at night shots and I cant hold my hand still worth crap.
trade for my PSP? :D
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